Monday, 25 July 2016

Hair update and a wash day!

I have lost count of how many weeks post relaxer I am at this point lol all I know is that my last touch up was in the first week of November last year. This may be my longest stretch yet that hopefully is coming to an end very soon. I have been washing my hair every week since my last wash day post and hennaed a few weeks ago as well, I have been a lazy deep conditioner I am afraid:( but as I slowly get back into a proper hair routine I hope to rectify that. My hairstyle of choice has been alternating between a bun and two jumbo braids made into a “modified” goddess braid style. My new growth is a story for another day, it got to a point where It was more manageable washing my hair in two braids until I restocked my trusty conditioner pictured below (specifically the aloe vera and herbs one for normal hair) that softens and detangles even the thickest of new growth with so much ease it is unbelievable. Someone once asked me if I was transitioning yes my new growth is that thick!

So this last wash day was pretty much more or less the same like the previous ones; I detangled my hair in sections then proceeded to shampoo with Crème of Nature Coconut and Sunflower detangling shampoo. I did not test the detangling function of the shampoo since I had my trusty detangling conditioner to hand but I must say this shampoo has a lovely scent. In fact the information on the label says 9 out of 10 users prefer this fragrance and I believe I am one of the 9 users who love the fragrance. Shampooing done I detangled in shower with my trusted conditioner let it sit on my hair for two minutes or so and then rinsed. I t-shirt blotted dry a little until damp, applied my leave ins and then had it blow dried on medium heat ever so lightly to stretch my new growth and proceeded to do about eight braids for a braid out. I plan to wear a braid out the entire week and stretching my new growth with heat for me makes for better braid outs. And that was this week’s wash day in a nutshell:)
The Wash Day Experience