Friday, 17 March 2017

Fitness Friday….Aerobic Dance Workouts!

Just a quick fitness Friday update. My latest fitness craze is aerobic dance workouts. I have been doing them for about a week now and I love them. I guess the good music in some of these workouts help as well. Plus it is always a bonus to shed some calories and have fun dancing while at it. Two things I have been consistent with whether I am working out actively or not is doing my 20 supported pushups and 20 squats at least five or six times a week those ones are a must and I must say I really love how toned my shoulder area looks like can’t wait to wear all those off the shoulder outfits. My thighs and butt too have really benefited from the squats they are less jiggly and much more toned. I am glad that I have been able to stay consistent with the squats and pushups such that they have become a habit and guess what it takes less than five minutes to do them. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Thoughtful Thursday: Wake Up Early….Maybe Not!

Just some random thoughts floating in my head this beautiful Thursday…
Motivational speakers/quotes on success need to stop telling people that one of the ways to be successful in life is to wake up early. Wake up early and do what exactly? I keep seeing this all over social media on “how to be successful” or “tips from successful people” I could wake up early and binge watch TV shows all morning am I being productive? No. Remember that waking up early is relative try telling a person who got home at 4am from work to wake up early, so you expect this person to sleep two or three hours and wake up early so they can be successful? Tell that to the nurse who got home at 8am from her night shift, tell that to the young lady whose shift starts at midday and ends at 10pm. Bear in mind that some people are not morning people at all they are night owls they are nocturnal they function better and are more productive at night. If you ask me they should stop telling people to wake up early and tell them to wake up earlier than their scheduled wake up time maybe an hour earlier and do something like work out, read a book, meditate, pray, listen to soothing music or just chill and have some much needed alone time before they have to get ready for their day/night. There is an African saying that goes “whatever time a person wakes up, that is their morning”. So do not wake up early but wake up earlier than your normal scheduled time and indulge in positive self care activities in that time to get you on the path to success.

While one person’s early is…

Another person’s early just happens to be…

Another great quote that could potentially leave room for plenty of misinterpretation some that could potentially be dangerous is “never give up”. Never give up on what? Naturally we assume never give up on your dreams, never give up on your goals, never give up on your desire etc. Someplace somewhere is an abused person hearing/seeing the quote “never give up” over and over again, in their mind it may be interpreted as never give up on your abusive situation never give up on your abuser. Do you see how dangerous that can be to someone in that sort of situation…I think if you are going to ask someone not to give up please add what it is you do not want them to give up on before making memes and quotes for social media or ending a talk with “last but not least never give up”.  Sometimes giving up may just be the best option for people in certain volatile situations.

Work hard. I believe in working smart not hard and you will reap twice the benefits of hard workers.

Forgive and Forget. Forgive; please do if not for anything else forgive for your own emotional well being but remember it just enough not to let it happen again because the moment you totally forget then you create room for it to potentially happen again.

Happy March; this is my best month yet this year I hope it is yours as well:)