Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Vintage Hair Tutorials!

Look what I found on YouTube! Great stuff!!!

They talk about vinegar and lemon juice rinse in this video from the 1950s…

This next one from 1948 is how to straighten black hair they use hot combs...the dreaded hot combs! I still shudder at my childhood hot comb memories burnt ears anyone?


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dexe Black Hair Shampoo Review

I came across this product in one of my aunt’s stash; it intrigued me because I had never heard of a “black” shampoo before. There was no ingredient list on the sachet only directions to wet hair, wear gloves, massage shampoo in hair for five minutes and rinse. I was pretty sure they had some black hair dye added in the shampoo so I decided to go online to check out if I could find an ingredient list anywhere or reviews. I found a YouTube clip and purchasing information but hardly any reviews. The shampoo promises to give you black hair in five minutes and will last for four weeks. The models used on the cover had Caucasian hair and the shampoo promised black hair every day.

My natural hair colour is dark brown which is more enhanced due to consistent henna applications its more noticeable in natural light though, I decided to test out the shampoo  just because and see If it really works. Since I was sure they had black dye mixed in somewhere I was not taking any chances with dye allergies and did a patch test for a few hours at the back of my neck no irritation or itching occurred so I reckoned I was good to use the shampoo. I wet my hair in the shower put on the gloves included in the pack, applied the shampoo let it sit for five minutes and rinsed. Now this shampoo is a weird mix it comes out of the sachet in a brownish thick consistency that has black streaks in it and a clear looking part to it too. It lathers quite well but unfortunately it looks like I underestimated my hair one sachet was not enough so the back of my hair hardly got any shampoo the front part got quite a bit and lathered very well but the back was another story. In hindsight I should have used 2-3 sachets but I only had the one I took from my aunt’s stash.

This is what the shampoo looks like my index finger got stained by the black streaks in the shampoo

I did a second lather with TRESemme naturals just to get rid of any black shampoo residue in my hair and then detangled with conditioner. Hair rinsed I towel dried till damp, applied my leave ins and air dried till completely dried. The black shampoo does actually work the front part that got the bulk of the shampoo was noticeably darker than the rest of my hair. My aunt on the other hand has a lot of gray and has been using this shampoo for months (my cousin is her hairdresser); she used to be a diehard hair dye (see what I did there) user and hasn’t used regular dyes in months ever since she discovered this shampoo and her hair has stayed “artificially” black since then. I would say this shampoo is like a shampoo version of a colour rinse and provides a quick fix to anyone who wants black hair in the shortest no fuss time possible. Now if only I could find an ingredient list somewhere…
This is how my hair colour looks like - photo taken two weeks ago

Hair washed with black shampoo you can clearly see the difference
The Wash Day Experience