Thursday, 22 June 2017

Taking Stock Five

Making: time for self development
Cooking: I made chapattis earlier
Sewing Crocheting:  finished crocheting the beanie below...

Drinking: purple tea…
has health benefits of green and black tea combined
Reading:  this book below and I got a signed copy from the author herself who was recently in my city!!! 
Wanting: a whole new wardrobe
Looking: forward to a spot of shopping
Playing Listening: to a documentary on YouTube    
Wishing: for more zeros in my bank account
Enjoying: a peace of mind
Waiting: for my laundry to dry
Liking: the way everything is finally coming together
Wondering: whether to check my messages on social media or not
Loving: life

Hoping: to get away on a working holiday soon
Marvelling: at how far I have come I may not be where I want to be yet but I am not where I used to be
Needing: to go and get some fresh tomatoes from the grocery store later
Smelling: the fresh air
Wearing: leggings, a tee and a hoodie
Following: more like chasing people for feedback
Noticing: that I am sitting in the dark with only the light from my phone and computer
Knowing: God is in control…always in control
Thinking: of how great life is at the moment
Feeling: at peace with myself and my current situation
Bookmarking: the book that I am currently reading
Opening: another tab on my browser
Smiling:  at recent happenings…good ones…and more yet to come