Monday, 10 April 2017


Ok so I follow quite a few healthy eating boards on pinterest and one thing I have noticed is the tendency to want to conform for lack of a better word. So someone makes grilled carrot slices and calls them “CARROT BACON” pray please tell why? I don’t get it why not just call them grilled carrot slices. I have seen sweet potato “lasagna”, zucchini “lasagna” that contain NO lasagna sheets so please tell me how is that lasagna? Why not just call them what they are which is some form of casserole dish. Don’t get me started on the numerous salads/meals that substitute cheese for avocado and still use the word cheese in their descriptions why people why? Apart from being false advertising in my opinion these definitions are simply going to confuse people especially those new to these dishes imagine their confusion when they finally come across the authentic dish. Please stop calling all these “healthier” version recipes what they are not. It’s like someone referring to a bean burger as a “vegan beef burger” say what now….I just can’t with all these descriptions lol. If you make layers of vegetables in a casserole dish call it just that, vegetable casserole not zucchini/courgette lasagna or something along those lines. Turkey/beef bacon does not exist, if it didn’t come from a pig it isn’t bacon it is turkey/beef slices and for this I put the blame solely on marketing. And while we are still on the subject of food if you do food videos or have a food blog please remember it is OK to tweak recipes to suit your preferences, environment or palate just don’t call it what it is not.  It’s that simple guys it really is.

The culprits; well some of them…

So you are saying that the carrots came from a pig? no? coz the bacon I know comes from a pig...I think carrot slices would have worked just fine

"Pizza"? maybe not... looks like a fancy fruit salad arrangement

More like a Zuchinni casserole if you ask me

I thought I had seen it all then comes this....
So they have meat in them and they are vegetarian as well #confusedmuch.  Mushroom balls would have worked just as good
And the winner is......
I don't know looks more like a layered chocolate and blueberry cake to me #confusedmuch

All screenshots are from pinterest