Monday, 30 March 2015


Introducing ROOTS Salon certified locticians and natural hair salon. Located at Nanak House, 1st Floor, Kimathi St, Nairobi. Walk ins are highly welcome or you can call Steve on 0722717396 for appointments. 

 They also have their own range of products.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Barbershop....

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Since I had a rather uneventful wash day I thought I would share with you ladies a barbershop wash day. The salon where I got my touch up done also has a barbershop within. So while I was in there I couldn’t help but observe the guys over at the barbershop at work. Most of the clients came in for a haircut and left but there were some who came for a haircut and a wash. Oh the salon/barbershop had a sterilizing machine for barbing tools and combs which is a definite plus from me because that tells me they take hygiene very seriously. Anyway the guys who came in for a haircut and wash went through the following steps, the haircut first followed by a wash and head massage. Their hair was washed at the same shampoo stand as the ladies so I am assuming similar products to what the ladies use were used no deep conditioning was involved though there was nothing to deep condition after the haircut anyway hehehe.  I noticed that quite a considerable amount of time was spent massaging the barbershop client heads and I later learnt the massage is the reason most of the guys asked for a wash. Dry head massages are also available post barbing but it seems most of the clients preferred a shampoo stand massage. And guess who they wanted washing and massaging their heads? The female staff lol this was a very interesting observation considering the salon has a fairly even mix of male and female staff. So a male staff would do the barbing and then a female staff the wash and massage and then the male staff handles any finishing touches post washing. I think the salon management had noticed this so it was a given if anyone wanted a wash the female staff would do it. Unlike the lady clients who did not mind who washed their hair. Wash done their heads were patted dry with a towel, some asked for a light blow drying session to dry them off completely while others were ok with the towel pat. I think some products were used in the final touches post barbing and washing but I am not sure what they were. All in all it was a very interesting observation of a barbershop at work. 
The Wash Day Experience

Friday, 13 March 2015

Fitness Friday: Marathon Inspiration!

Found this very inspiring story on one of the sites I visit and thought it would be nice to share with all you aspiring and veteran marathoners especially you KLP:) Oh yeah this woman is almost 42 and looks like she is not a day over 25!!! I had to do a double take when I read her age and scroll back to the photos; her boys look like they could be her brothers and not kids! Regular exercise is the fountain of youth…
Tuedon Morgan is an amazing marathon runner with medals and accolades to boot! First she walked, then she jogged and before long, she was running marathons.
Tee Morgan, as she is fondly referred to, has finished marathons on 7 continents… TWICE. For athletes, this is no mean feat, and for someone who has a family and a day job, this just pushes Tee into the hall of Amazons. In a chat with BellaNaija, Tuedon talks about how she balances it all, how she keeps going, and her next goals! We hope you are as inspired as we are. Click HERE to read more….
Fitness Friday

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Simpe wash day!

This was yet another regular easy breezy wash day. I started off by deep conditioning on damp hair the initial plan was to DC for 45 minutes which turned into just a little over two hours other events took over and I kept postponing going into the shower. I wrapped cling film around my hair and then covered that with a scarf. I finally managed to hop into the shower rinsed off the conditioner, shampooed twice, rinsed, t-shirt dried till damp applied my leave ins, blow dried on cool, moisturized, sealed and then held my hair in a bun. I postponed oiling my scalp with my castor oil concoction to the next day. I have been wearing it in all sorts of buns the last few days. I moisturized using the Crème of Nature Argan Oil Moisturizer that I had recently purchased; I didn’t even know CON had moisturizers I thought all they did were shampoos and conditioners. It smells quite nice the scent is very similar to the CON Argan Oil strength and shine leave in conditioner. It has an okay consistency not too thick and not too runny it comes out of the bottle smoothly. I find that most bottled moisturizers tend to have a slightly thicker consistency than the ones that come in a tub for some reason. It’s an all right moisturizer although I if I had to choose between the two I would pick Elasta QP Mango Butter any day over this one, with the Elasta QP mango butter the softness hits my hair from the first touch with this one not so much but it does a good job all the same so I can’t complain.

CON: Crème of Nature

The Wash Day Experience

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Touch me up!

So this is how my hair started out yesterday...

And then this came into the mix; yes I switched to a kiddies kit I actually wanted to get another brand but it was not available at the beauty supply store I went to so I settled for good old Dark and Lovely since I was running late for my hair appointment. I figured since I used the big girls kit for many many years the kiddie kit would be just fine. Why kiddie kit you ask? Because back in December I had my leave out texlaxed using a kiddie kit and I loved the results so I decided to get the entire head done using the kiddie kit. I honestly feel that they are of lower strengths compared to big girls kits.

Where was I? Oh yeah I decided to get it professionally done since it had been a year maybe more since my last touch up (I can’t seem to find that post for the exact date) but it had definitely been more than 6 months that much I am sure of. I went to my good friend’s salon to get it done because I could not be asked to deal with all that new growth. So he combed my hair using a wide toothed comb, based my scalp, sectioned my hair into three parts and then proceeded to apply the relaxer. Application done  I think it took less than ten minutes not too sure though I sat for an extra two minutes (I remember this since he said we will rinse in two minutes and we did) for it to take properly and then we proceeded to the shampoo area as I was already feeling a tingling sensation on my scalp. This is what I had told him pre application; I like my hair texturised not bone straight and he nailed it! I was so happy I have found my second professional texlaxer after my hairdresser cousin thank heavens!

See what I mean? He nailed it so much texture left after a chemical process. This was after rinsing out the relaxer
I honestly cannot remember the names of all the products used other than the kit I came in with, what with magazines to browse and impromptu phonecalls I hardly paid attention to the products but I trusted him nevertheless. I am sure the deep conditioner used was Motions because I heard that name thrown around while at the sink. Anyway so my hair was neutralised using the neutralizing shampoo that came with the relaxer kit, conditioned with regular conditioner – I should have gotten the name it smelled nice – rinsed then proceeded to deep condition with heat using Motions for about 45 minutes. DC done my hair was rinsed off and he proceeded to roller set using a setting lotion and other products, I sat under the hooded dryer for about 25-30 minutes, came out and he styled it and once again apart from an olive oil hair polisher I did not get the names of products used blame the magazine I was reading. He wrapped it and I sat under the dryer for an extra five minutes before final styling. He wanted to flat iron it but I was so in love with the bouncy curls I told him we will do it next time. I stubbornly refused to get my hair trimmed lol I will get it done at my flat iron appointment and do a length check, you should have seen us going back and forth about the trimming issue it was too funny. But he agreed to let me have my way hey the customer is always right:) All in all I was very happy with my results. I hope to touch up more regularly this year though that new growth was crazy! Kiddie kits rock!!!

It was so light and bouncy! Loved it! You can actually see my reddish brown henna highlights

Happy March Everyone!!!

The Wash Day Experience