Wednesday, 25 May 2016

YouTubers I am Currently Loving!

I am on YouTube a lot, a whole lot and I keep discovering interesting channels every other day.  Here are just some of the “newly found” YouTubers I am currently obsessed with;

Channel name: Primrose Panglea - Prim and her husband Jas are an interracial Zimbabwean (Prim) and Indian (Jas) couple from London. They share the story of how they met, challenges of being in an interracial relationship especially having some family members being against the relationship and fun family vlogs with their two gorgeous kids. Jas likes to show off his cooking skills and does Indian meal tutorials for their viewers.

Channel name: SimplyCin – I discovered Cindy while watching some Jamaica holiday vlogs and YouTube recommended her channel. She mostly does hair and makeup stuff and travel vlogs when she goes back home to Jamaica. I absolutely love her Jamaica vlogs

Channel name: SimiAllSmiles – I just love Simi she has such a fun spirit and her family and friends who are always included in her vlogs make her them so much more fun and interesting to watch.

Channel name: Ify Yvonne – Ify is not “new” to me I have been watching her for a while now but felt that this list would not be complete without her. True epitome of beauty and brains Ify is a Nigerian-American Pharmacist and hair and beauty vlogger. What makes her channel worth watching are her personal vlogs; very well shot, edited and oh so interesting. I get excited every time I see a vlog notification from her. She shares her family celebrations, travel, and time out with friends; she also throws in advice on various subjects ranging from dating to advice on Pharmacy school with her viewers. Oh and she is Janet Jackson’s doppel ganger:)