This blog accepts forms of advertising and payments through various networks and platforms. Some of the packages currently offered are;

1.  Sponsored Posts: You send me the information and any photos, date that you want the post up and it’s done. All sponsored posts will be fully disclosed as such to the readers.

2.  Sidebar Banner ads: These are the live banners that go on the right sidebar of the blog. The sidebar banners can be click enabled to link directly to your website if needed.

3. Blog background ad: This is where your product photos and/or information completely take over the background of the blog.

5. Select Product Reviews: You send me the product I review it and publish the review. Please note that I may not be able to accept all products and services for review. 

Any requested service(s) goes live once a payment has been made. My rates are very affordable and discounts available for long term commitments (4 months plus), for a comprehensive price list please email me on

This information is valid as from June 2020. 

Link to my Ebook below:

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