Saturday, 15 August 2020


At the beginning of the pandemic sometime in late March for me, when all the news that came out worldwide was tragedy after tragedy, I told myself I was not going to let the negative news affect me, but instead I would thrive in this pandemic. I even sent a message to one of my friends to this effect screenshots below. My timeline was full of tragedy, loss and despair at the start of the pandemic, people were being furloughed, taking massive pay cuts, businesses were closing down, people lost jobs and loved ones. I found myself absorbing too much of this negative news and it was starting to affect me, so I took a short social media break. When I came back the negative news was still there on my timeline, but in the midst of all the tragedy going on in the world, I would come across the odd person who had signed a new contract, got a new job etc. It was such a crazy time for some and a blessing in disguise for others. Of course we all know that industries like aviation took a beating and tech and healthcare sectors thrived. So I choose to focus on the positive, I told myself that I would thrive amidst the chaos. And thrive I did. In June I self published my very first book, which you can find at the end of this post. I had been sitting on the idea to write a book for years, but never did anything about it because I didn’t quite know what I wanted to write about back then.  Every time someone would ask me a personal question that I didn’t feel like answering, I would always say one day I will write a book about it, and never thought much of it after that. And then one night when I couldn’t sleep I woke up a few minutes to three o’clock in the morning and started writing and didn’t stop until five o’clock in the morning. I wrote 2000 words in two hours and that was the beginning of my career as a published author. I started my YouTube channel around the same time.  A couple of weeks later I signed a short term contract with a multinational non profit organisation and also got some work from home online opportunities, that I did on the side. Deep down I believe all these opportunities and blessings that came my way did so, because I not only spoke them into existence but believed without a doubt that I would thrive regardless of the negative circumstances in the world at the time. The power of the tongue and manifestation was definitely at work here. My motto was “thriving in a pandemic” (still is) and believing that I would and I did. 

Edited to add: I actually drafted this post after my interview and before I got the offer and signed my contract! Ask, believe, receive! I just knew deep down in my heart that this contract was mine so I went ahead and wrote this post before signing the actual contract!

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