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My history with YouTube goes back to when YouTube first started in 2005; I was watching YouTube when most people didn’t even know it existed. I actually came across footage from an old digital camera from 2008, where I was recording my housemates with the then new camera, to test it out (vlogging before vlogging became a term) and telling them to mind what they said because I was going to upload that footage on YouTube! Of course it never made it to YouTube but the seed was planted, I almost started the channel three years ago but my life then was tumultuous to put in mildly so that idea was quickly shelved.

So in the midst of the pandemic with nothing much to do and practically nowhere to go I figured I may as well start my channel. I had my phone camera, my ten year plus digital camera and internet connection. It was a “start where you are with what you have” kind of situation. Knowing myself I knew that if I didn’t upload something I would never upload anything. So I uploaded a 16 second footage of a plane taking off that I took from the rooftop of my building months ago, that was just sitting in my gallery taking up precious storage space. My initial plan was to have a channel that was a hodgepodge of sorts and upload any and everything that came to mind. But then I found myself rereading a lot of my old books, because again, nothing to do nowhere to go, and decided to review them and upload those reviews on my channel. And that was how an idea that I had had for years came to fruition. So please subscribe, like and share my content, channel link down below, thank you!

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