Sunday, 26 January 2014

Quick Hair Update!

I took down my tree braids at week four and let my hair rest for a day before getting another protective style installation. Normally I would wait 3 days to a week or more in between installations but only did a day this time due in part to recent changes in my professional life. I have a hectic schedule at the moment with a bit of travelling slotted in and the idea of going all over the place while wearing my hair out would be doing more harm than good to it due to time constraints so this was a perfect compromise for me given my current professional situation.

I also caved in and got a trim!!! Yes I finally allowed someone I could trust with scissors on my hair and let her cut off an inch so I am still at shoulder length which is okay given that I got healthier ends in the process. Now that I have mastered the health part of hair care it’s time to concentrate on the length part. I actually tried out the inversion method in tree braids I didn’t do a length check on take down so I can’t tell if there was an increase in length or not but will try to do it a few more times if I remember to. I forgot to do my onion treatment for two wash days now:( hope I will remember to keep up with that for the next wash days. Ok ladies that’s it for now sorry no hair photos had a lot of other things going on between take down, trim and all that, taking photos was the last thing on my mind and if I don't publish this post today it may never get published:)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Male Hair Blogs

I have always wondered for the longest time if there were any male hair blogs but never bothered to search for them until today. Unlike female hair blogs there are not that many male hair blogs around infact I only found two of interest the rest were more of tumblr,  pinterest or were health related discussing balding, receding hairlines, razor bumps etc. I was looking for a personal or lifestyle blog that actually had a man’s perspective on hair care when I found these two. Click on the links below to check them out;
· he talks about deep conditioning, his regimen and even does product reviews.
·  plenty of eye candy on this blog ladies:)

Friday, 17 January 2014

How many ways...

do I love this girl and her hair! Standing ovation from me for keeping true to her hair style choice in an industry where 24 inch Brazilian weaves rule! I first highlighted gorgeous Kenyan actress Lupita’s hair on this blog in this post back in September 2013.
Photo Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Steve Granitz

Kenyans and Africans at large were first introduced to Lupita on the MTV Base AIDS Awareness Series “Shuga” that first aired on the continent in November 2009 the first two seasons were set in Kenya and the current season is set in Nigeria. Lupita had a starring role in the first two seasons her character was called “Ayira” and she still wore her natural hair short then just like she does now. I read an interview where she said she cut her hair in her early twenties and has always worn it short ever since. The talented Yale graduate also wrote, produced and directed a documentary on people living with albinism called “In My Genes” in 2009.
On the cover of Kenyan magazine "DRUM" this was from 2009 image source
At the premiere of her documentary "In my Genes" in Nairobi, Kenya 2009 Image Source
Lupita (right) in an ad campaign  for the "Shuga" series Image source

Did I mention that she is Kenyan like me; my claim to fame LOL:) But seriously though all claiming aside you can’t help but be proud of this girl and how far she has come. Way to go Lupita may your star shine even brighter!


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Big Hair Don't Care!!!

Cameroonian First Lady Chantal Biya’s hair walks into the room before she does literally! I first got to know of this pretty half French half Cameroonian big hair enthusiast from photos in a magazine a few years ago. I was recently searching for something online when I stumbled on some more of her photos yet again and the big hair is still there and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Her various famous hairstyles are known as “The Chantal Biya” collectively and here are some of them enjoy!

Image Source

Image Source

Even her braids are huge! Image Source: The First Lady's Official Facebook page

Image Source: The First Lady's Official Facebook Page

With the US First Lady Michelle Obama. Image Source: Photo Credit: Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images

Image Source: The First Lady's Official Facebook Page

Click on the links below for more photos
There is even a tumblr dedicated to her hair.
The First Lady's Official Facebook Page

Saturday, 4 January 2014

YouTube Finds!

Every now and then I stumble on some YouTubers who blow me away either with their presentation skills or who are different from the norm and refreshing. Today I would like to share some of my weekly finds with you.

First up is “Mo Knows Hair” and she really does trust me she does. I have gone through most of her videos and I am very much impressed by her presentation skills, voice overs and short but precise videos. I like videos that go straight to the point some YouTubers can spend 20 minutes telling you something they could have done in 5 so people like Mo earn an instant subscription from me.

Next up is this pretty young lady who goes by the name "Mikajassie" and was ever so refreshing she blew me away. She is just a welcome break in the YouTube hair and beauty world for me.She loves the Lord and not afraid to show it and is very much connected to her faith. That's a  plus one from me:)